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What started off as a simple way to record my reading journey with my daughter, is now transformed into a passion project that involves helping parents gain access to information and tools required to raise readers.

Reading and Raising a Reader
Reading has been a part of my routine ever since I can remember. It was only natural for me to make books integral to life as a new parent. In 2016, we were with a wonderful daughter (Little Miss A) who has shown a fascinating inclination towards books and the magical worlds it reveals.

In the years since she entered our lives, we have read over 300 children’s books together, met some inspiring children’s book authors, storytellers, book shop owners and librarians. Each one of these experiences have contributed my daughter’s love for books and helped me learn incredible things about the power of books and storytelling right from birth.

Sharing My Lessons
Personal experiences and research has led me to design a storytelling program that aims at making reading a fun activity for a child to enjoy with the family.

Additionally, we are constantly on the lookout for new, fascinating books, bookstores and libraries in Mumbai and around the world. Here, I will be talking about the books we read and sharing insights on reading to your child in a way that has a long-term on language, comprehension and emotional intelligence.

I have nothing but envy for my daughter who has access to these wonderful international and Indian children’s books to resort to. It was never a better time to raise a reader, and here, I plan on helping you do just that!