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Introducing the Baby Book Babbles Library!

Whether it is through the storytelling program, our online sessions, or through the various other literary initiatives that Baby Book Babbles has ventured into over the years, it has been my primary goal to give parents the right tools that help raise emotionally intelligent and inquisitive readers.

Though in extremely unprecedented times, I believe now is apt for me to bring an old dream to life, allowing the little readers to gain regular access to books through a well curated library collection.

Membership Plans

  • Your membership entitles you or receive 6 (Six) children’s books each month.
  • The titles of the books that will be sent to you will be communicated via whatsapp in advance. In case you already own a book from the list sent out to you, we are happy to replace that title before the scheduled day of pick up.
  • Please note that your deposit will not be refunded in case of damage of any book(s) during your time as a member with the library.

Please proceed to know more about our health and safety measures during and after the time of Corona.

Health and Safety Measures

These are extremely unusual times and as a parent and I more than empathise with the apprehensions we have over the items our children will be relying on during their hours of play and learning. Here are the various measures I will be taking now and moving forward to ensure complete hygiene and safety for our members and kids –

  1. Every package of books will be cling wrapped at the time of delivery. This should allow you to take necessary measures to sanitise the external cover of the package as soon as it reaches your home.
  1. Please do not spray any sanitiser over the books directly, to avoid damaging them.
  2. Even though every measure is taken to ensure complete hygiene during the packaging process, a lot of factors along the way are out of human control. It is thus strongly recommended that once you receive you books for the month, you leave the sealed package out of contact for a few hours before bringing it in for your child to read.
  3. For added measure, also consider airing the books in the sun before you choose to read with your child.
  4. At the moment, the library processes are a one person operation and will be run from my home. This means that the entire process will be handled solely by me right from the book selection, packaging and coordination of deliveries and pickups.
  5. Necessary measures such as wearing gloves and a mask during the packing process further minimises room for risks.
  6. Note that every book that goes into circulation will be re-circulated to the next member ONLY after 30 days. During this time, measures are taken to clean and sanitise the incoming books before they are ready to be circulated again the following month.
  7. To be able to ensure complete safety and hygiene, I will need help from the members to do their part –

    a. Kindly cling wrap or place all the books in a plastic sheet/zip loc bag and seal it with tape at the time of returning the books. This will allow me to take necessary sanitisation measures upon receiving the books.

    b. Please follow basic care while reading the books to your child during meal times.

    c. If your child has a cough or a cold, make sure you are reading the books to your child by keeping them at a safe distance.

    d. If anyone in your home or any individual you come in contact with tests positive of COVID-19, I would trust the members to make responsible choices of informing me at Baby Book Babbles. This will also help us manage your membership status on a case to case basis.

For any other concerns or even insights on how you would want me to make your membership with the library more valuable, feel free to call me on +919819530109 or write to me on babybookbabbles@gmail.com

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