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Review Policy

Our primary objective with baby Book Babbles is to making reading stories together fun and discussing various aspects of raising a reader. Baby Book Babbles is a project of passion, one that we do not perceive to be a job. Hence, our review policy adheres to the approach that makes the process fun.

The Policy
We are more than happy to connect with authors, illustrators and publishers about their children’s books and opportunities to review them. However, every book we accept is on the basis of a “review consideration”. This means that unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a review for every book that comes our way.

We will often post images of books on our social media pages (Facebook & Instagram) even if we are unable to write a full review on our website.

Books that we receive from authors, publishers and illustrators for free for the purpose of reviewing will be labeled on our social media pages as gifted. Books that we review for a fee will be labeled as an advertisement.

While we aim to review books received from publisher/author on time, we cannot guarantee a review right away, since the blog will also contain our current favorite reads, and we will be discussing the books we are reading currently.

We would only like to focus on books positively. However, if we aren’t fans of a particular book, we would choose not to review it at all. It is my belief, that bad books simply don’t exist. It may be the case, however, that the book may not be a good fit for me and daughter at that moment of time.

Since I follow a strict no-screen policy with my child, we will only accept print books for review. Furthermore, we enjoy interacting with the book by letting my daughter turn her page herself. Furthermore, they make for more appealing photographs.

When requesting a review, I would appreciate it if you could share your social media handles with us so that we can tag illustrators, authors and publishers on the social media posts we make.

Contact me on +919819530109 or email me on kadambari@gmail.com for information.